Welcome to Beyond 60

Hello – and welcome to the inside of my 60+ head.

Elizabeth Martyn: Beyond 60

My name is Elizabeth Martyn, I live in the UK, in the beautiful medieval city of Norwich, and I have a yen to write about this whole business of getting beyond 60.

Why write a blog over 60?
A while ago my 60s barged into my life when I was still quite happy being a 50-something. Couldn’t I have a bit more of that? Please? But no. The 60s can’t be held back, and they’re turning out to be an unexpectedly extraordinary time of life, one of fresh starts, new ideas, exciting and sometimes unnerving freedoms.

So before anything else happens, like 65 or even 70, I want to know – is it like that for you, too? What’s your experience, your hard-won wisdom, on being beyond 60?

On Beyond 60 I’m setting out intrepidly to explore the landscape of the 60s, and beyond. Sometimes I’ll be scanning the horizon – what lies ahead in the next year, five years, decade; how best to prepare.

Other times I’ll drag the devil out of the detail. What and who inspire me now? How are other older people reinventing themselves? What’s going on where I live, that I never had time to notice or take part in before? What adventures lie further afield? What are the passions, what the disappointments, what the essence, of being in my 60s?

I’m not interested in writing about stairlifts or facelifts, prostates or pensions. There are plenty of others who write ably about those things.

What I want to know is who I can be now, how to reinvent a life in its later stages. How to reap the most while I can, and prepare to face with equanimity and grace the times when the going might get tougher.

What do I need to learn, what would it be helpful to do, what new attitudes and mindsets should I cultivate, to navigate on and through the decade?

None of us knows what’s in store. Maybe I’ll backpack round Borneo, or maybe I’ll sit in the garden and give the ants names. Perhaps I’ll dye my fringe purple or just possibly I’ll shave my head and become a Zen nun.

It’s all part of the unprecedented array of choice that’s here now – but not for ever. How can I savour it slowly, and answer my sense of urgency at the same time?

And you, fellow beyond-60s – what do you want? What can we learn from each other? Let’s set out and see what we find.