Turn it off! Phone management at 60+

‘Doctor, Doctor, I’m addicted.’
‘You are?’
‘Yes, to this little white device that fits in my pocket…’

It’s true. I frown on those who text at the dinner table or gaze at the little screen as they would into their lover’s eyes, but it’s no secret that I belong to the clan.

It’s a weakness

How to wean myself off?

I’ve tried setting targets:  no emailing before breakfast, silencing text alerts, ignoring the ‘Ooh, I’ll just look that up…’ impulse.

Nothing works. Ah, I am weak, where my phone is concerned. Its pull is irresistible.

Put a chocolate bar in my cupboard and three weeks later it’ll still be there, unnibbled. Offer me a glass of wine before 6pm – alright, 5pm – and I can say ‘No’. Honestly, I can.

But ping me a text and I have the devil’s own job not to read it instantly.

Is it about wanting to feel loved and needed? A desperate desire for connection?

I don’t really care why I do it. I just know I want to do it rather less.

How much time?

I thought I’d keep a little log of how much time I spend fiddling about on the net. 

And then I’d ask myself a burning question, like might I not develop my blog mightily, or write a play, or learn to play a piano sonata, or make a velvet cushion, or all the above, in the time that I currently spend tinkering with my phone?

I learned quite a bit from that exercise. First, it’s impossible to chart accurately how many hours disappear down the Internet plug hole because it’s happening constantly, in fragments.

Second, I am more than a little terrified of that blog-development idea. Having far too little time lets me off the hook nicely.

Take a risk

Have a think. What are you not risking, in all that time you’re spending on your phone?

As for how to loosen the grip, try this, I dare you.  Turn off the phone – there’s a button for that, you know. Open a drawer. Drop phone in drawer. Close drawer. Lock, if possible. Go do something exciting or lovely for a while, and forget all about phones.

Let me know what happens. Meanwhile, I’m off to read up on WordPress. Over and out.

3 thoughts on “Turn it off! Phone management at 60+

  1. abbie

    At my part-time job in a department store, we can’t use personal phones on the selling floor. Either I leave it in my car or in my bag, muted. Four to six hours go by where I am listening to customers, putting clothes away and such.
    There’s no shame in minimizing the risk taking. It’s got to be really worth it before I’ll put in the time, focus and commitment.

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      You’re so right – it can’t be just any risk, it has to be one worth investing in. Although sometimes you don’t know how worthwhile it is, until you’ve spent a bit of time on it…

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