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The Power of Empowerment

I had a beautiful experience of being empowered today.

I’d been grappling with an app, trying to design a flyer. Patience is not my strong suit and before long I was ready to chuck the phone out of the window and burst into tears.

Then I remembered that someone I know uses this app, so I asked her for help.

What she did was put the phone in my hand and talk me through how the app works, letting me click and swipe to make it all happen.

‘It takes a few moments…’ she said, when I wailed ‘it isn’t working…’

‘Don’t be afraid of it…’ she added, when my finger was hovering anxiously over the screen.

At the end she said, ‘Ok, now do everything we just did and design me a flyer with black lettering that says Autumn Happiness, and save it to Facebook’.

Gulp. But I did it, as she watched, and reminded and finally applauded!

What she didn’t do through all this was make me feel incompetent or stupid. She didn’t show me what to do, she guided me to do it for myself. She stayed patient and calm.

Result, I felt empowered and excited, with a new skill under my belt. And a lesson learned, in how to best help anyone in future who ever wants to learn from me.

Flyer design, anyone? Let me help you…