“It’s About Time…” workshop in Norwich

I’ve succumbed to an overwhelming yen to stretch my life coaching muscles again, having deliberately left them unexercised for a couple of years while I played around with – shall I use that difficult word ‘retirement’?

No. My ‘open-ended sabbatical’. That’s more like it.

The result, for all my lovely followers who live in Norfolk/Norwich, is a joint workshop that my friend Rachel of Calm in the City and I have hatched up for the autumn.

It’s About Time… is a 3-hour workshop taking place on Sunday 5 November from 10am – 1pm at The Yoga Tree in All Saints Green, Norwich.

All details are on the flyer above, or on Rachel’s site at Calm in the City, where you can also book.

We came up with the idea because we thought it would be really fun to work together, and combine Rachel’s expertise in yoga and meditation with my life coaching knowledge to create a relaxing and productive Sunday morning’s experience.

Come along, and explore what it is you’d love to be doing, but somehow never find time for. What’s getting in your way? What are the tiny steps you could take right now to bring more excitement, satisfaction and joy into your life?

We’ll be looking at these questions as Rachel guides us through yoga poses and meditations chosen to help with self-reflection and strengthen resolve while I set the group up with a series of thought-provoking discussion/reflection sessions in pairs and small groups. You’ll come away with a clear idea of what action you’re going to take – and you’ll have had fun along the way!

See here for more details or email me.

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