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Swallow the frog
Do the most difficult or unpleasant task first. You’ll enjoy everything else you do that day more.

Use a timer (tomato-shaped if you like!) to work/play/concentrate in 25-minute bursts. Then give your brain rest for a few minutes and repeat. Every 4 bursts, take a longer break.

Don’t Multi-task
Work on one task at a time

Tony Crabbe, in his book Busy: The Art of Thriving in a World of Too Much, says that multi-tasking means no task is done efficiently and it takes longer to do both. Performance also drops.

He suggests doing less, rather than attempting to cram in more and more to each day.

Work on one task at a time (use the Pomodoro technique above to help you).

Cluster similar activities together – more efficient than dipping in and out. Have a concentrated burst or emailing, for example. And then have a focus period on a task that’s important to you.

Tame To-Do Lists
Andy Puddicombe, creator of the meditation app Headspace, says it’s best to write down your To Do list on a bit of paper rather than use an app, which can lead to you being distracted as you go online.

Consciously Unwind
Follow a small unwind ritual when it’s time to relax – switch off computers and phone, hide work stuff.

Switch off from Time and Take it Slowly
Abandon your watch for a day, or a week, and cover timepieces.

Embark on slow activities, visit just one painting in a gallery, stand in your garden each morning  to notice leaves sprouting or falling.

Pursue quality over quantity – go for depth of experience rather than cramming each day and rushing from one thing to another.

Take Mindful Approach
Embrace mindfulness and meditation and learn to appreciate and experience the present moment. This helps you to savour experiences rather than let them slip by absentmindedly while our minds are elsewhere.

Use Mark Williams’ 3-minute Breathing Space on You Tube to bring moments of calm and peace to your day.



Zen Habits
Written by Leo Babauta, on finding simplicity and mindfulness amid the chaos of everyday life